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Silk Veils - rectangular and semicircular


Silk Veils

Silk veils flow like no others.

Experience the luxury of a light floating veil, hand-dyed to match your costume. Or whip around one of the heavier veils to a faster beat.

$55 for ALL rectangular 3 yard veils in either 5 or 6 momme and 5mm semi circles. 8mm are more- email me to talk details of your custom veil!
Veils may be hemmed or not. 6mm silk will not fray, so I charge extra to hem them, and 5mm veils do come hemmed.
Troupe discount of 15% for 8 or more veils.
White veils are great to have- and of course, they cost less.

To Custom Order Your Silk Veil from Nina Amaya
What colors in what pattern, what size and what weight silk?
1. Name your colors- if possible send me a picture from a color chart or a picture of the costume you are trying to match- your 'teal' may be a grey-blue, while I am thinking rich green-blue. There are too many 'reds' to count, and they don’t all look nice together!
2. Patterns- Single color slow fade from dark to light? Swirling spirals? Harlequin diamonds? Three stripes longways across the veil? Rorschach splotches? Again, feel free to send me a picture.
3. Prices for regular dye jobs, in different sizes and weights . 5mm is the lightest weight I sell, 6mm is my favorite, heavy 8mm I like for semicircles.

5mm - 35x84 - petite or child sized $35
5mm - 35x108 skinnier than normal, standard length $45
5mm - 45x108 - standard veil $55
5mm - 45x144 - full 4 yard veil $65
5mm - 55x108 - extra wide $65
5mm - 45x104 Semi Circle $55

6mm - 45x108 - standard veil $55
6mm - 45x126 - 3 and a half yards $60
6mm - 45x144 - full 4 yard veil $65

8mm - 45x108 - standard rectangular veil size $65
8mm - 45x104 Semi Circle $65



8mm Semi-circular veils are made of heavier 8mm silk, and are perfect for whipping around as you dance. They are about 104in by 45in. Pairs of identical veils can be custom ordered. The floaty, lightweight half circles are also available on custom order.

Three stripes is a popular and elegant pattern on rectangles and semicircles.

Or you can pick colors to swirl together in wild spirals:
Thalia wanted the palest of pinks:
Semicircles in dark and fire colors:8
Sometimes white is perfect! Sometimes colors.
Trinity just happened to have a costume that matched this 'union jack' style veil. I've just figured out how to do a harlequin diamond pattern, too.

Veil Testimonials

WOW!!!! I received our veils today! I am soooooo impressed!!!!! They are gorgeous. The troupe veils are perfect. You matched the all the colors EXACTLY!!!! Very impressive. I love them. I will be so proud to use them in my/our performances!- Shazadi (with red and white veil)

I love the fire veils: they are are beautiful. - Nalani, Baltimore
... everyone loves theirs! Thank you so much for the beautiful silk! You have been very helpful and fast, and we needed that. Look forward to future veil orders. - Fraya, Colorado
What a great surprise! Just walked in from Rakkasah and the beautiful veils were here! Thanks so much. - Latifa, Maryland
Veil arrived safe and sound....and it is FABulous!!! Just what I was looking for, in terms of weight, size, color.....everything!!!! Sometimes white veils are *too* white, sometimes they are dull, which is why I have held off getting one - I am SO glad I found yours! Thanks again! - Amina in Mpls

Repeat customer and champion belly dancer Amartia shows off a printed georgette silk veil. Some times I can get fabulous prints in silk, though they are often more expensive than the hand dyed ones I make.
Thank you so much for all your work with the dying of these most beautiful veils!! I get asked everywhere, 'where did you get them?', and I always refer them to you!! They are truly one of a kind works of art!!
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